nRF5 SDK for Mesh v4.1.0
access_message_rx_meta_t Struct Reference

Metadata for received messages. More...

#include <access.h>

Data Fields

nrf_mesh_address_t src
 Source address of the message.
nrf_mesh_address_t dst
 Destination address of the message.
uint8_t ttl
 TTL value for the received message.
dsm_handle_t appkey_handle
 Application key handle that decrypted the message.
const nrf_mesh_rx_metadata_tp_core_metadata
 Core RX metadata attached to the packet.
dsm_handle_t subnet_handle
 Network key handle that decrypted the message.

Detailed Description

Metadata for received messages.

Definition at line 196 of file access.h.

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