nRF5 SDK for Mesh v4.1.0

This section includes conceptual documentation about different modules included in the nRF5 SDK for Mesh. These easy-to-use modules were prepared with the goal of simplifying the development process of your Mesh applications. Some of the module pages may also contain step-by-step procedures that allow you to configure them for use in your application.

The following documentation pages are available in this section:

  • Mesh DFU protocol includes information about the DFU protocol in the Mesh stack, with details about its characteristics, Mesh DFU Firmware IDs, and the device page.
  • Flash manager contains information about flash manager areas, handles, defragmentation, power failure protection, and flash area locations.
  • Low Power node feature describes concepts related to the Friendship protocol, which enables power-constrained devices to be part of a Mesh network.
  • Mesh configuration describes the mesh submodule for simplifying persistent key-value storage, including details about information flow and the usage in the stack and in the application.
  • Nordic Advertiser Extensions (Instaburst) contains information about a Nordic proprietary feature that is a drop-in replacement for the standard BLE Advertiser bearer for the mesh.
  • Mesh models is a section that includes documentation for Mesh models available in the stack.
  • PA/LNA module describes a PA/LNA module that can be used to increase the range of Bluetooth Low Energy communication.
  • Provisioning describes in detail the provisioning process and bearers in the nRF5 SDK for Mesh.
  • Serial interface is a section dedicated to the serial module, which provides full serialization of the mesh API, allowing other devices to control the nRF5 mesh device through a UART interface.