nRF5 SDK for Mesh v4.1.0
Getting started

The nRF SDK for Mesh provides you with tools and instructions that allow you to start developing your own applications and use the Bluetooth Mesh features.

To get started using the SDK, see Quick start guide: Mesh demonstration.

You can then configure the required software toolchains and the process of building a mesh stack:

If you used one of the previous versions of the nRF SDK for Mesh, check the Migration guide.

What to do next @anchor after_setup

Once you install the toolchain and you are familiar with the building process, you can start using the nRF SDK for Mesh to the full extent:

  • See Mesh stack user guide for information about available modules and components and how to configure them.
  • See Examples to start using the nRF5 SDK for Mesh example applications.
    • Make sure to take a look at the Light switch example. It shows how a simple application can use the mesh stack and serves as an introduction to the Bluetooth Mesh concepts and SDK features and APIs.
  • API Reference contains the complete mesh stack API documentation.
  • Data structures lists data structures and data fields used by the APIs.